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MEAT is a rich source of proteins. Apart from proteins, it also contains an abundant amount of Vitamin B-complex (Vitamin B1 to B12), Vitamin C, iron, calcium, phosphorous and Omega 3 fatty acids that are required to maintain the nutrition balance in our body.

It is important, however, to pick the right kind of meat in order to avail all its nutrition benefits. Here are some basic layman tips to help you chech the  meat whether it is fresh or not.

Check the colour: The colour of the meat says a lot about its freshness. Poultry meat must be white or light pink. Check that the meat does not have a green tinge, especially under the wings. There should not be any bruises or blood clots on the surface. In the case of red meat, it must be bright red in appearance. If the meat is vacuum packed, it may appear slightly brown. This is also good quality meat and will last longer in the refrigerator.

Check the odour:Smell is the next best parameter to check the freshness of the meat. Poultry meat is generally odour-free but may have a slightly meaty odour on rare occasions. The smell of red meat is very specific to the type of meat and there should not be any variance from the typical smell of a goat or lamb. One should make sure there is no foul or pungent odour to any kind of fresh meat being purchased.

Check the texture: For poultry, the texture should be firm and the muscle fibres must be clearly visible. The meat must not be slimy and if you touch it, the fingers should be dry rather than sticky. The meat should not appear translucent and watery when it is cut. In the case of red meat, it should not fall off easily when it is being cut. The fat should not be yellow in colour, as it indicates that the meat is not fresh.

These are some of the basic parameters to keep in mind  that will help you in check if the meat you’re buying is fresh. However, you need not to worry about all these things when you buy meat online at ‘TENDERFRESH MEATS’. We get fresh meat right from the genuine source, clean it using hygienic processes, and use safe packaging methods to pack the meat. Our meats are always stored at 0 – 4 degrees Celsius and our cold chain logistics makes sure that this temperature is maintained right throughout the process i.e. from procurement to delivery to your doorstep.

 For  delivery, we use gel packs and insulated delivery bags to keep the cold temperature maintained at all times.

You can be assured of 100% fresh meat when you buy from us. Order fresh meat online at https://TENDERFRESHMEATS.


Prefer skinless: The skin of the meat has saturated fatty acids, which are high on calories and can potentially increase the risk of cardiac ailments. Hence, it is always recommended that meat is consumed after removing the skin.

Ensure food safety standards: It is absolutely essential that every packaged meat product has a Food Safety and Standards Authority of India (FSSAI) certified label on it to ensure that all food safety standards are met. This is also the primary reason why you should avoid buying meat from a butcher shop, since there is no guarantee of food safety.

Remember, meat is a great source of nutrition, if consumed in the right manner. Also remember that buying the right of meat is important.